Our culture is unique and we try hard to share it with our clients and partners. For BMKD, culture doesn't mean ping pong or great music, a funky space and beer in the fridge, although we do have those things. Our culture is about building an environment that focuses on values. Ours are centered on people and allowing them the opportunity to be innovative and collaborative. When you meet us, you'll very quickly feel that vibe.

We build teams that pay close attention to human dynamics instead of predefined structures, so you will work with different types of people and personalities. Within that diversity, everyone embodies a similar set of beliefs and principles.

We believe in creating opportunities for everyone to build on each other's strengths and shared vision. We believe that everyone should be empowered to contribute and be responsible for their work.

When it's time to get the job done, we work long hours, evenings, and weekends. You may get calls on your days off and we may check in on vacation. We stay late for pitches and important presentations. That's because we respect the importance of diligence and commitment to the work. We also understand the sacrifices that come with that, so when we complete our work, everyone gets a chance to play just as hard.